Data analysis is a time consuming process

Does your workday involve searching, exploring, and analyzing data? If so, you know the challenges of locating the right files, making an initial exploratory analysis, choosing the key statistics and then preparing a report for others to view.

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How does Rapidinfluence work?

Simply load up a file, ask some key discovery questions and customize a report that suits your needs

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Rapidinfluence digests and prepares your raw data for exploring.


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Watch Demos

There are many ways to use Rapidinfluence to explore data. Below are several videos showcasing data exploration workflows.

Financial Fraud Analysis (5:40)

Explore financial transactions and develop a model for detecting fraudulent activity from raw data

Marketing Analysis (7:31)

Analyze performance data of advertisements to discover trends and the efficacy of marketing campaigns.

Exploratory Data Analysis (6:25)

Perform basic data analysis on 200 columns of sample data. Find mean, median, and mode, and build charts for data visualizations.

Who uses RapidInfluence?

Business Analysts

Sales Managers

Marketing Managers

Operation Managers

Data Scientists

Insights Managers